Continuing higher education is a great way to enhance your skills and opportunities. It is also a valuable experience, especially if you are looking to study internationally. Hence, many universities offer students a foundation year. This blog will highlight the significance and impact that a foundation year can have on a student’s university experience. 

What is a foundation year?

You can consider a foundation year to be like a preview of university life. It prepares you with all of the necessary skills and knowledge regarding the course you are looking to study. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet professors and other students who will potentially be studying for the same degree as you. 

Typically, the foundation year is studied before starting an undergraduate course. It is usually completed in a course linked to the subject you are looking to study. 

Why was it designed, and who is eligible for it?

The foundation year has been designed to support and assist international students with weak English or inadequate qualifications. It helps them improve their language skills and accreditations to quickly adjust and become accustomed to the knowledge related to the degree they will study. This additional year of study was developed to assist international students with getting used to the cultures, norms, and lifestyle in the UK and at university. 

Moreover, the foundation year can also be completed by students who feel indecisive about the undergraduate course they want to study. It is because students can better understand what the degree will involve. 

What are the benefits of foundation year for students?

There are many benefits that students could obtain from a foundation year. Some of the benefits include; 

Becoming familiar with university life and the UK

  • Meeting people who will study with you in the future
  • Confirmed enrollment for university
  • Opportunity to fill in educational gaps 
  • Time to adjust to the style of teaching and workload

A foundation year can enhance your university life and add a lot more value to your higher education experience. Alongside filling in educational gaps, it is the perfect option if you are looking to gain an insight into becoming accustomed to studying at university.