What types of partnerships are available?

Sometimes we provide learning opportunities in partnership with someone else. This type of learning could lead to you earning credits that go towards a degree or other qualification. Partners can be involved in all sorts of ways, not just in providing academic teaching.

We are proud of the relationships we have with our academic partners. We have a range of academic partnerships with lots of public and private institutions across the world.

There are lots of ways we might join forces with someone else to enhance your learning, including:

The school approves a Partner Institution to deliver part or all of one (or more) of its own approved programme(s).

The school retains full responsibility for a programme(s) delivered in a remote location by its own staff. The responsibilities of the Partner Institution are limited to the provision of accommodation and, possibly, some learning

The University recognises progression from a programme(s) a student has completed at a Partner Institution, either to the beginning, or to a more advanced stage of a named University of Derby programme(s). Applications are usually received/considered on an individual basis.

A partnership arrangement developed between the University and a Partner Institution to provide study/work abroad opportunities for their students/staff.

The school appoints representatives in many countries throughout the world to act as non-exclusive agents, referring students to the University from specified geographical areas, subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

Since September 2013 has been offering online distance learning to students who require more flexible study options.

Students from our University are able to spend a period of time undertaking a work placement as part of their course in the UK or internationally, managed by the Employability and Careers Centre

Three-way partnerships between our school, a company and a graduate, designed to help companies solve strategic problems, managed by our Research and Enterprise Office

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