Will Threads Kill Twitter?

Meta released the Threads app in over 100 countries on July 6, 2023. After just one day of release, 5 crore users had signed up for the app. Similar to Twitter, Threads is a text-based platform for public interactions. There are currently about 35 crore users on Twitter. Many modifications were made to Twitter when Elon Musk assumed control of the social media network in October 2022. The two biggest adjustments are a sharp drop in the number of content moderation staff members and monthly subscriptions for blue tick verification. As a result, there are now more false profiles and deceptive content on the network. Twitter just imposed a temporary limit of 300 daily tweets to be read. After Elon Musk took over Twitter, around half of the advertisers departed the site. Advertisers and users are searching for a different venue for text-based public discussions. Hence, since Threads was released at the appropriate moment, Twitter’s demise presents a significant advantage for the program. Meta is the same business that owns both Instagram and Threads. Thus, using an Instagram account to join Threads is pretty simple. It is possible to integrate all of the Instagram followers and profile information into the Threads account. There are currently over 200 crore users on Instagram. Thus, there’s a chance that the Threads platform’s user base will surpass that of Twitter (35 crores, roughly). Compared to Twitter, Threads offers various benefits: posts can be easily shared on other social media platforms; users have more control; they can share up to 500 characters in a post, whereas Twitter posts can only contain 280 characters; and so on. It’s challenging to start a user base from scratch, grow the app as the user base does, and handle content control on such a big scale. With Meta’s existing infrastructure and more than 200 crore Instagram users, the Thread app has the potential to surpass Twitter as it can easily reach a larger audience.

What are the disadvantages of Threads?

The app store states that Threads may gather personal data about users, including their location, search history, contacts, financial information, and browsing and health information. Since the EU has stronger privacy rules than other countries, this raises privacy issues, which is why it hasn’t been introduced there yet. Threads may face significant setbacks if privacy issues are not resolved. Because the Threads program looks a lot like the Twitter platform, Elon Musk vowed to sue the company. This could lead to a protracted legal dispute.


Millions of people may join Threads primarily because of recent modifications made to Twitter when Elon Musk took over the platform. Thus, Twitter’s demise had begun long before Threads was introduced. The release of the Threads app has the potential to hasten Twitter’s demise. Threads may eventually destroy Twitter if it does not take immediate action to stop its users from quitting.