If you are contemplating your future and want to go to university, the idea to study at a business school might have popped up in your mind. After all, it is one of the most popular field of studies worldwide. With more than 100 million business students in total. A career in business and economics will open doors for you wherever you go. Offering lots of opportunities and areas of expertise for you to thrive in. Let us give you the best reasons why you should opt for a business degree.

It is universal

As a job seeker, you will not find any other degree that is more versatile. In a world dominated by globalisation, business influences almost every aspect of our everyday life, be it in medicine, politics or the financial world (amongst all others). With a business-related degree, you can continue to study or work in any field or area, giving you an abundance of opportunities to choose from.

That is because the skills you acquire during your studies are transferable. They will be of use to you no matter what option you select for your career advancement after graduating.

Moreover, even if local business practices might differ, the degree itself is practically the same all over the world. Allowing you to operate internationally after graduating.

Why you should study business

It is a stepping stone

A business degree can also provide you with the backbone to become an entrepreneur and create your own start-up. During your studies you will be equipped with all necessary skills and foundation knowledge on how to start a business, unrelated of your target market or product. A degree in business will teach you managerial abilities as well as marketing and sales techniques. It will foster your understanding of administrative and financial obligations. Your business studies will teach you not to lose sight of the bigger picture and to focus on the right elements and objectives.

Even if you are not interested in owning your own organisation one day. You might still want to become one of the future leaders of your generation. A business degree can be the first step on your ladder to success.

It is well-paid

An important influential factor when choosing a degree is of course the salary. Business is a field of studies paid relatively well in comparison to others and a lot of the highest paying jobs are on foundation of a business degree. The skillset and knowledge you acquire during your university education will help with your career progression, making it also easier for you to reach well-paid positions on a management level. However, due to this advantage there is quite a bit of competition on the job market in business-related subjects, so you still need to work hard and demonstrate your abilities to be successful.

It is flexible

As mentioned already, with a business degree you have an abundance of choices regarding your further career advancement. There is different specialisations (which you might already pick during your studies) but even then you can still switch quite freely between different fields of work.  Meaning, if you change your mind about the area of work you prefer, your qualifications and broad education allow you to do that. As an undergraduate degree you can use it to continue in a wide range of studies, such as psychological or engineering degrees. Moreover, there is the option of doing an MBA (Master of Business Administration) which is widely appreciated and credited.

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