In a world where there are 3.5 billion smartphone users and 4.13 billion internet users worldwide; it is now more critical than ever for businesses to include digital marketing in their business plan. In this blog, we will take a look at some benefits digital marketing can bring for trade.

Allow a smaller business to compete

Digital marketing enables smaller businesses to compete with bigger and more established companies. Through methods likes Adwords and SEO, It has made it possible for a small business to attain a high ranking position. By strategically publishing content that is more relevant to keywords than your competitors, you can outrank them regardless of the size, money or stature.


Many social media platforms are free to use, e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc. It provides a great opportunity as approximately 97% of digital consumers uses social media within a month; a digital marketing campaign can reach your target audience a lot cheaper than using traditional marketing strategies.

Ability to track and measure

Through the use of web analytics and metrics tools online, it is possible to quickly and accurately assess how successful your marketing campaign has been.  You can access in-depth data that will show you how consumers have interacted and responded to marketing efforts, i.e. many website visitors, followers, retweets, comments, clicks, etc. By using this data, you can make amendments to your approach, focus on what has been working through a process of trial and error.

Better engagement with consumers

Social media platforms provide a medium for businesses to develop stronger bonds with consumers by delivering a variety of content not directly linked on social media sites to sales promotion. In addition to being responsive on these platforms, you can cultivate brand loyalty as consumers feel valued and that you are offering more than just the products and services.

 Easier conversion

If you can get attract visitors to your website, then they are already at the point of sale, and it will be immediate and effortless for them to act on an urge to a purchase; increasing the likelihood of converting visitors into customers. It is in stark contrast to traditional marketing methods, which require a customer to go to a store physically.

Generate higher revenues

As it is easier to convert potential customers into customers using digital marketing, this will benefit a business through increased sales and enable them to attain higher revenues and profit. Companies who implement digital marketing strategies can achieve 2.8 times better growth expectancy.

Competitors are already using it

Your competitors are likely already using digital marketing strategies; therefore, it should be a no-brainer why you need to use digital marketing. To compete, you need to match your competitors’ efforts at the very least and be trying to gain a competitive advantage. If you are not in the digital space, customers will likely opt for a competitor who is by default. Failure to implement digital marketing strategies will mean falling behind your competition.

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