A company requires a business strategy in order to plan all of the steps it will take to achieve its goals; thus, developing a business strategy for CEOs or business owners entails understanding what exactly a business does and what it needs to have and do in order to achieve the company’s goals. A strategy can also be referred to as a “organisational master plan.”

It is also critical to distinguish between a business strategy and a mission statement, as the strategy will be developed within the framework established by the company’s mission statement.

A strategy provides numerous benefits to a business; therefore, many business owners recognise its value and invest time and resources in order to consistently execute a strategy because they know it will improve their company’s performance. However, companies do not always have a large number of resources; therefore, implementing a strategy entails making choices and establishing priorities so that the limited resources a company has are used for the products and services that will provide the greatest return.

Since developing annual plans for the business to monitor afterwards the progress against these plans is also part of a business strategy, many businesses apply this, but they don’t have a clear understanding of what will happen in the next year or in three years, so this prevents them from being as proactive as they could be if they had a well-articulated 3 to 5-year long term view of the company. As a result, an annual plan should be viewed as a first step toward achieving longer-term goals.

Business strategies come in all shapes and sizes, but the majority of them include elements such as vision and objectives, core values, tactics, resources, measurement, and analysis.

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