In today’s ever-changing and fast-paced environment, companies are expected to be flexible in their approach to business. Those that are quick to adopt new technologies and strategies can remain agile and competitive.

Here are three major trends that will influence the future of business:

  • Robots and AI

Soon, our society will increasingly use robots and artificial intelligence to perform tasks; this is also in light of the covid pandemic whereby covid secure workplaces are likely to be increased too, for the health and safety of workers. For example, those in accounting and administration may see this rising opportunity as a potential threat to their jobs over the next few decades. You can map out your business processes and use this analysis to identify the technology solutions needed to provide the most value. 

  • Data Economy

Knowing your customers better can lead to more capitalisation on sales opportunities. For example, surveys online, data analytics programs and social media engagement software. It means that offerings can be personalised to your customers’ needs and tastes using the data collected from your website. Furthermore, the growth of virtual marketplaces and increased internet usage and mobile devices are completely changing the way consumers shop. Using big data, you can personalise marketing materials to target audiences. Furthermore, you can use it to organise human resources. In addition to business, AI will potentially change the education industry too

  • Inclusion and diversity

When looking at the labour market, immigrants are a vast part of the population, so you can adjust your training and take advantage of workers’ strengths. Likewise, you can reach out to specific communities through networks and business associations. The ageing workforce means that the labour pool will grow more slowly and even decrease in some regions. You can boost your productivity in business to make up for labour shortages by investing in operational efficiency. Similarly, creating a more flexible workplace, offering temporary work and part-time jobs is a way to recruit and retain millennials.

Overall, all aspects discussed above are key to understanding how to do business better. Firms that are more inclusive and diverse are likely to be more competitive with their offerings and those that integrate data well into their strategies. Strategic business moves can be made as a result of analysing big data thoroughly. Moreover, we are likely to see increased active commuting such as cycling and walking to work. In terms of the war for talent, sustainable green offices are also likely to be on people’s minds.