Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that is secured by cryptography, which makes it impossible to hack or forge. It is a form of digital asset-based channel, scattered across a large number of networks. The identity of the person who created this is still unknown. 

It offers lower transaction charges than any other traditional online payment mechanisms and functions as a separate entity. Bitcoins have no physical value, moreover, all the balances are registered on a public ledger that is accessed by everyone. It is ensured through an extensive quantity of computing energy. Bitcoins are not distributed by any bank or finance company. Despite being not a legal entity, it’s more popular than any other currency in the market. Due to this, there are numbers of digital coins in the market known as Altcoins. 

It is a combination of network applications that all functions its code and collects its Blockchain. Blockchain is a collection of the blocks. Every block has several transactions. As several networks simultaneously operate the identical list of blocks and transactions, so nobody can cover their events of the bitcoins. Anyone, who runs a Bitcoin node, can see all the transactions happening live. Bitcoin has around 45,000 nodes as of June 2020 that keeps growing. 

Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency. It is created by a mathematical encryption algorithm that has a combination of numbers and words known as a key. This key has two parts, private and public. The public one serves as an address for the banks and people to send the bitcoins, whereas the private key works as a secret code for the bitcoin transmission. These keys are different from the wallet as it is a mechanical device that facilitates trading and enables users to trace the source of the coins. The storage of coins on a blockchain is the wallet used in this system. 

Bitcoin is one of the leading digital currency to use peer to peer mechanism to promote instant payments. The autonomous people and corporations trying to engage in the Bitcoin system are composed of nodes and miners. Miners are the people who use bitcoin for the transactions to earn the reward. New bitcoin is granted to the miner at a set price or a decreasing rate, to increase the total supply. As of this year, 2million bitcoins need to be released. It functions oppositely from the centralised banking system as banks issue money at a rate meeting the growth of the goods and services to support price balance in the market. Whereas a method like Bitcoin releases the set rate before the time and according to a mechanism. 

Bitcoins now work as a form of payment for different products and services around the world. Most of the stores advertise that they accept bitcoins as a means of a transaction, and it automatically expands their customer base. The payment can take place easily by the QR code or by touch screen apps. This method is most beneficial for online companies by just combining another choice of bitcoin with cards and PayPal. 

Many Bitcoin supporters believe that digital money is the future. Many of those who recommend Bitcoin believe that it promotes a much more active, low-fee payment method for transactions across the globe.


-Kshitij Gupta