Maintaining a good employee morale is important for any organisation, however to our revelation not many put scalable efforts in protecting the rights of their employees, and assuring a good work culture. Owing to this, precious working hours are lost due to lower motivation of employees to turn up to work, resulting in unscheduled days off, which unfortunately has a domino effect and impacts the efficacy of others in the organisation as well. All of this circles back to one grave concern, and that is depletion in company revenue and a dramatic increase in expense as the company braces itself to hire new talent and sponsor their training and other miscellaneous tasks.

The main reason for the failure of an organisation as a whole in maintaining a good morale is sometimes unknown. Therefore, we have listed some points below which affect employee morale in an organisation:

Changes in Management

It comes as a surprise, however changes in management roots for a serious overhaul in employee morale. Employees become accustomed to the practises and methods used by their line-manager, and when there is an imminent change in the management, the apprehension starts to settle in. A change in the management translates into a new perspective towards working, new way of doing things and sometimes all of this might overwhelm an employee and might decelerate their efficiency instead of accelerating it.

The rumours of an incoming replacement make it hard for the staff to implement his working strategies and plans, and most of there focus is observed in speculating about the fate of the outgoing manager.

Employee Opportunity

Another significant factor that affects employee morale is the fluctuating opportunities and recognition in the company. It has been proven in numerous studies that money is not the only motivation at work. New opportunities to grow, recognition for phenomenal work and occasional “light moments” with the bosses translates into higher productivity and relentless loyalty towards the organisation. However, morale can be negatively impacted if the employee feels there is not enough opportunities to utilise, stagnancy at work and not a token of appreciation at work.

These are a couple of factors which affect morale at work, and it would be safe to deem as the onset of depleting productivity of the organisation as a whole. Organisations hereby need to realise that releasing pay checks does not suffice for all the hard work and toil gone into building the status of the organisation which it proudly celebrates in the industry.