It is generally perceived that no other qualification can manifest your strategic expertise to clients and employers, and plant a deep impression of your business knowledge on their formidable minds. Conceivably this is the reason a disproportionate amount of thriving entrepreneurs, business highfliers and crack consultants have those three prestigious letters after their name. However, studying MBA is much more than just a skill to brandish in job interviews, it basically means that the student has spent considerable time in researching multiple facets of business. Ergo, it is safe to assume that MBA holders develop a calibre to build a life-long network of thought leaders.

How hard is an MBA:

However, it is more of a challenge, than an opportunity to study MBA. As a student, manoeuvring your way through an enormous amount of information to find the right Business School and programme is perilous until you are guided by a specialist admission service as it is a sizeable investment in both money and time, therefore an expert advice might help the student take a bigger leap.

Keeping aside the materialistic resources needed, if the student is determined and dedicated enough to take up this challenge, it can turn out to be a life challenging experiencing. According to a market intelligence report by the Graduate Management Admission Council in 2018, 81% of corporate employers are in the favour of hiring an MBA graduate. In addition, the report suggests that MBA graduates continue to command a salary premium relative to bachelor degree holders and even the direct-from-company recruits.

Benefits of MBA:

An MBA degree offers comprehensive insights into the management strategy, scrutinizing on core areas of business, such as finance, operations, marketing an HR. One thing which should not be left out is that by adding an MBA degree to your skill set, does not restrict you to just  blend in the corporate culture, in fact it paves way for you to start-up your own business. The skills that you learn in MBA will put you in a pragmatic position to take this step. London School of Education can give you many options for MBA in different universities in the UK.

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