So you got an opportunity to pitch your business or a business idea at an investment live event? Well, congrats. Is this your first stint at an event like this? If yes, let us brief you about what all these kind of events entail.

Such events witness wide range of audience in attendance, for instance a panel of media, other business owners, investors, dragons and sometimes influencers as well. With some experienced people as attendees, you need to deliver your pitch in an imposing, yet subtle manner. How else are you going to make your business standout?

Usually there is a time limit of 1 or 2 minutes to summarise everything about your business. You need to include every vital information that you can, from how will your business make money to financial forecasts of minimum 3 years. The time allotted might seem too little, however when you’ll be down to elevate, you might struggle to fill them with content.

Below, we have listed some tips to help you ensure that your pitch exceeds not only your, but the attendees expectations as well.

Articulation is the key

While delivering your business pitch, you cannot afford to sound ambiguous. Business happens when it is straight to the point. What you do, what you offer, what you want, what can you give to the other person in return, money involved and you are done. You should clear the mist surrounding your business, and not add to the apprehensions.

If you are unsure of your pitch, and you suspect that people might lose the track of it, provide an example to which they can relate.

Spend time with your audience

Working around the room will surely help you get accustomed to the audience. In fact, you will get an idea of what kind of people you are going to address in some moments. Moreover, it will make people relate more to you, as thy person they just shook hands with, is now on the stage addressing the event; In a nutshell, they are all ears.


This is one thing that many budding entrepreneurs get wrong. Long gone are the days when just gathering the attention of people would suffice. Nowadays, you need to CONNECT with them. Humour plays a key role in stimulating the audience, or you can share a serious instance. One lady started the pitch by saying “I was harassed[1], this is certainly attention grabbing.

Last but not the least, confidence! Confidence in your product, confidence in your content, and confidence in yourself that you’ll pull off a great show.

So, all the best!