As we all know, studying can be challenging. Even if the subject is reasonably interesting, you still have to be motivated to do your work and – most importantly – you need to organise your time efficiently. Unsurprisingly, this is a task that most students struggle with mainly. Time management might indeed be one of the most crucial things you learn during your studies. After all, you will need this particular skill in basically every job imaginable.

Some of you might think it is impossible to manage your time correctly, but time management can be practised and improved like any other skill.  Here are some tips that will help you with this task:

Prioritisation is everything

There is nothing more critical than categorising your tasks. That is why this is our first point on this list! Prioritising helps you get an overview of your tasks, and you can use it to define which order to do them: Priority 1 should always come first and so on. You can also distinguish between “important” and “urgent”; a task can be both, or either, or none. By establishing a system like that, you will never again forget anything super important because you were hung up on something else!

Time Management for students

Make precise plans

On a more advanced level, you can make an actual plan specifying the day and time frame you want to complete a task. This can be very handy, not only to complete your work efficiently but also because you can use it to re-evaluate your performance (for instance, how long it took you) of the task. This also keeps you from switching between different tasks all the time, which is less productive.

The only downside, this only works for assignments for which you can actually set a time frame, or else you will most likely lose time making unrealistic plans.

If it doesn’t work right now, move on.

Sometimes you may get stuck on a task and are, for some reason, incapable of fulfilling it. In this case, there’s nothing else to do but to stop and move on to something else for the time being. If you stick to your earlier task even though you can’t make it happen right now, you will get frustrated and lose a lot of time in the process.

Time Management for students

Eliminate all distractions

One of the greatest threats to your concentration and motivation is most likely your phone. Or computer. Or a tablet. Or else? Therefore, anything that is distracting should be silenced or turned off or put away. Otherwise, you are in danger of starting playing around with your phone and losing a lot of time.

Take breaks

Finally, remember that you need to take breaks. Your energy level varies during the day and it is important for you to be aware of that. If you try working through half of the day, you will notice that your results are less efficient as if you take a short 5-15 minutes breaks every other hour.#

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