Millions of people in the UK will find out about the tier that they will be living under from next week, with most of the country expected to be under tier two regulations.

London and Liverpool are anticipating to avoid tier-three constraints, but only the minor rural areas expect to be fortunate enough to be blessed with the tier-one rules. The health secretary, Matt Hancock, is going to publish the fate of every district officially today. 

Each area will be assigned back into the tier system after the second national lockdown. But all new measures are going to be more troublesome than last time, as most of the jurisdictions will be divided under a severe tier system, indicating accusations on the Prime Minister will be extreme, as he is deciding on what is regarded as just another lockdown. 

Yesterday at the meeting of the MP’s and the PM, they discussed the rules and regulations for the next lockdown and the subsequent tier levels and symbolised that the new orders are going to be more intricate than before to prevent the spread of the virus. Ministers will evaluate the measures in the middle weeks of December, and regions with lower transmission rates could be cut down to the lower levels of the tier system with fewer regulations, in hopes of saving Christmas.

Government officials indicated that a region with a tier-three level of regulations will be lowered down to tier-two, an example of this instance is potentially the county of Liverpool, as the numbers there are decreasing every week compared to last month. 

Whereas, London is suspected to be under the tier-two level of regulations, along with the other officials in the country. Meeting with other households is still on hold but pubs and restaurants are permitted to commence with the table service only.

Articles proposed that there would be few areas in England placed in tier one, with parts of eastern England and some regions of Cumbria to be under the slightest measures. 

Whereas Manchester resides in tier-three ordinances, that will be more difficult than last time, with rules similar to that of the current lockdown. 

Joining other families inside is forbidden, whilst bars and restaurants must proceed to hold a takeaway service only and non-essential stores can resume along with barbers and gyms.

Manchester officials who fought with the Prime Minister on the funding matter after the forced lockdown on the region, believe that infected numbers in the city are still high but the rate is falling. They have asked the government officials to examine the tiering system that is going to start in two weeks. All of the regions beneath maximum regulations will be maintained by the NHS for testing and examining, whereas armed forces will achieve the rapid testing programme that will give the results within an hour. 


-Kshitij Gupta