As workforce demographics shift and global markets emerge, workplace diversity becomes imperative for business success. As a matter of fact, it has already graduated from just being a banner that organisations wave to display their dedication towards embracing people from different backgrounds; to something which actually adds value to their business plan and help employees reap benefits of working in a diverse environment.

A lot has already been said on the importance of workplace diversity. Therefore, we have listed below some tips for embedding meaningful diversity and inclusion processes into the workplace, which will help avert diversity fatigue:

  1. Initial Assessment of Your Organisation

Honestly, frank and open conversations about uncomfortable issues yield better results than skirting around them. Management can act as a catalyst in making the employees aware about widening the scope of diversity in the organisation. Moreover, they should value all opinions, which is a starting point of a better workforce coordination. Next step could be to identify successful and deficient diversity and inclusion areas and collect data to proceed.

Regarding the collection of data, as per a report conducted by Ernst and Young, 68% of 150 Irish organisations surveyed did not include diversity and inclusion assessment.

  1. Emphasis on Diversity Training

Employees need to receive important training on diversity and inclusion. Emphasis should be put more on providing information on moral importance of diversity. It is observed that organisations receive a lot of resistance when they make changes to their diversity policies. These resistances not only impact business, however also disrupts the working environment as well. Therefore, proper D&I training to employees and even management will provide successful change and a more welcoming environment for diverse ethnic groups.

  1. Celebrating Diversity Successes

Monitoring diversity progress is appreciated, however a big mistake which many organisations commit, and make it seem inevitable is the lack of celebration when they achieve diversity successes. In fact, it can turn out to be a good PR and CSR strategy, which might even drive some prospect leads into your bay.