Bill Gates was born in 1955 at Seattle, in a wealthy family with a sturdy industry and political background. His great-grandfather was a legislator and grandfather was an executive of a national bank. Gates believed that hard work is the only key to accomplish success. From the beginning, he was determined, competitive and knowledgeable. During his studies, he was considered as the smartest kid on campus by his professors and friends. Due to his intelligence, his parents enlisted him into a private school for further education, which resulted in his introduction to computers and software.

Gates and his friends were fascinated with computers thus forming a group in 1969. In this group work, they enhanced their computer skills and used them in their university courses. The next year, they were accepted into a programming competition. The Information Sciences Incorporation agreed to present them royalties if their program made any capital for the company. As a result of this deal, their diminutive group became a legal entity. Later they developed their corporation known as Traf-O-Data and monitored the data flow through a software. Additionally, they earned a profit of $30,000 from this company but a year later the company concluded as Gates left the college.

In 1974, he got an offer from Harvard University, known as one of the best universities in the world. Confused on what to study, Gates reluctantly enrolled himself into a Law course. He completed the standard “freshman” courses with an exception from mathematical courses. He did exceptionally well in the first year but was more inclined towards computers and programming. Gates and his friends remained in close contact and met a few times after school. Most of the time they discussed new ideas for projects or start-ups. After his second year, Gates met up with Paul Allen and joined Honeywell. Allen soon began to tempt Gates to begin a software company. Moreover, within a year, Gates dropped out of Harvard and began his company known as Microsoft. They had a vision of a computer at every desk with their software in it. 

Everybody knew that Gates was a hard-working and idealistic individual that would do anything to fulfil his vision. He never believed in luck but just hard work and competitiveness. Right now, Microsoft is the market leader and continues to innovate and grow as it challenges its competitors. Gates enjoys playing the game of innovation and command in the market. Due to his beliefs and ideas, he is recognised among the world’s richest and reputable people. 

Moreover, he is not a selfish person. He is a person who funds without a doubt when it comes to computers, the internet and any way of charity. Furthermore, Gates previously visited Chicago’s Einstein School and declared donations helping the school and the museums. He contributed a total of $100,000 with an additional set of computers and equipped free internet connectivity to several schools. Additionally, Bill Gates donated $40 million for constructing a computer institute at Stanford University.