Whilst university is considered necessary and essential to be successful in life, others consider university a waste of time and resources. This has sparked a huge debate in which we have thoroughly investigated both sides of the arguments. The decision of whether or not to pursue a college or university education will affect the direction your life will take.

Now we will look into the 6 reasons why university is important:

    • Equips you with the skills necessary for reaching your financial goals. This should be taken into account by everyone who wants to improve their standard of living in order to achieve financial independence. You can do fantastic things that you have always wanted to do thanks to financial freedom.
    • Experience is another factor. It is difficult to enrol in a college or university without gaining experience in self-reliance, responsibility, and life in general. Making decisions will benefit greatly from the abilities developed through research and other activities during a person’s time of study. Attending university gives you the chance to experience life from a variety of perspectives. Real-life experiences enable you to overcome real-life obstacles and emerge as a more polished person.
  • Person to Person network. By going to university it enables other students to meet likewise individuals from different cultural backgrounds;  this in turn creates a network of bonds. It is the right place to build a good network of friends.
  • By attending university it allows us to bring about change in the world. This is because university is a platform where minds converge to carry out research which can have significant impact on students from a wide variety of courses. University will support the growth of critical thinkers who can provide solutions to society’s and the world’s problems both now and in the future.
  • Helps give you purpose in life. Activities carried out within a university helps aid in the individual’s journey of self-discovery. Many students come into the institution not knowing what purpose they have in life. You have access to so many things and people in a university or college setting that could assist the development of your passions.
  • Award and certificate. It proves that you have achieved a level of proficiency in your level of study.