Brand awareness is how customers are familiar with the products, qualities and the way they identify your products which is exclusive to you. When attempting to explain what brand awareness is, it is easy to confuse it with recognition. However, research has shown that there is a narrow but clear difference between the two- brand awareness and brand recognition. Brand recognition can’t exist without being aware of the brand itself.

Bringing brand awareness through technology and social media

We are in the pinnacle of continuous technological advancements which is why utilising such opportunity for brand awareness is so important at this present moment. These days individuals always have a devise or some sort of technology around them, whether that be a phone, tablet or computer. Businesses are able to communicate efficiently and quickly with their consumers in a matter of seconds.

This can work in favour of or against the business as it depends on how you utilise the platforms and opportunities which will enable for the success of your business. Actively promoting brand image on social media will lead to a better experience for current customers and will allow you to gain a respective amount of new followers who will be loyal to their brand of choice.

Brand awareness establishes trust with people and through extensive research it shows that once a consumer is familiar with the company they remain loyal. This is of course conditional to what you have to offer as well the quality of your product/ service. It really is a simple concept, once you put a face and personality to your brand and when you build it upon sincerity and honesty, you will inevitably build a consumers trust.

Bringing brand awareness through socialising and networking

On the contrary to the above, although social media is an amazing way to build brand awareness and advertise nowadays- socialising and networking is something which people can connect with far easier. When we stay connected and allow those to be familiar with us we build that supportive platform for us to flourish.

Post on social media, interact with your audience and treat your socials as if it was a person rather than a business trying to gain affluence. Be influential, be true to what you are providing and as a result that affluence will follow.