This success story is about Jack Dorsey, an American businessman and web- developer. Dorsey is distinguished as the co-founder of the leading platform Twitter. Sometimes, even the most unexpected ideas can transform into successful businesses. For example, a commodity with the memorable name “Twitter” arose from the excitement of a young programmer, Jack Dorsey.


Dorsey was born in Missouri, the USA in 1976. As a teenager, he was attracted to computers and could spend hours studying the initial version of IBM. He had a plan to develop a software of a live map that displayed numerous small activities in real-time like ambulance cars, police crews, and taxis. His passion for the towns and cities comes from his father, who travelled to supply medical equipment across the country. Dorsey was an ordinary student in his school, where he played for the tennis team and loved art and craft. He was an active member of the computer club and worked on dozens of projects. The computer club was one of his favourites. He wanted and could have become a renowned specialist in urban outlining but his passion for city maps carried over. He was prosperous in developing a mini model of putting the roads and moving objects on a digital footprint. Dorsey’s first programmed model was at 15 years of age. Some of his programmes were used for taxi dispatching and firefighting assistance. Some people believe that the idea of Twitter appeared from his childhood passion.


In 1991, he joined Mira Digital, a publishing company. In the first week, Dorsey sat in the office of his boss, Jim Makkilvi. As Jim was diligent with a project, he was not able to interact with him. This would happen often as Jack approached him. A week later, when he was managing a team of programmers in their forties. When employees asked for his designation, Makkilvi told them that he is an associate of the summer intern.


For several years he worked as a software designer of taxi and ambulance cars and played an essential role in the new project for a government authority. Due to the business bankruptcy, he was unemployed and operated as a freelancer for the next five years. Later he was then hired by an internet-based startup company that was located in San Francisco owned by a skilled programmer and businessman named Evan Williams. Williams previously worked at Google. In 2005, due to the financial crisis, the company incurred losses. Evan suggested his team divide into a few groups and come up with a strategy. One day, sitting in the cafeteria and eating his lunch, Jack launched his idea of Twitter to the world that would allow the users to share their thoughts online. Due to this technology, SMS got discovered in the USA market. 


It is fascinating to know that whilst Europeans have been texting each other for a long time, the United States was the only country that took the initial step into the research of this simplistic yet incredible service.