All self-made billionaires have similarities: They are passionate and motivated to achieve their goal.

So, what is the reason to wake up early in the morning? What keeps them motivated to work every day?

Billionaires come from all over the world with different areas of expertise. Surprisingly, most of them never thought of money as motivation. Instead, they believed that it was just a reward for their hard work.

Steve Jobs, who had a net worth of approximately $7 billion – according to Forbes, once said in his documentary that he was a millionaire at the age of 23 and had $100 million at the age of 26 but it was not important to him as money was never his motivator. 

Some of the main reasons for the Billionaires to be motivated are-

To Overcome Poverty

Naveen Jain, a business executive and founder of InfoSpace, was born in India. His motivation to be successful was only about getting out of poverty and doing something useful with his life. He knew that education is the path that could break this cycle of being poor.

Oprah Winfrey was also born into a poor family. But she went to build a massive and successful media empire that is now worth $2 billion. In 1998, she created a charity for the women and children to make them understand their potential.

To Solve Problems

Michal Solowow, an investor who got his start in the late 1980s with the construction company Mitex, expressed in an interview, the problems he encounters every day in his life inspired him to find solutions. He believed that being a billionaire was never the motivating factor.

Bill Gates shared the same perspective. He believed in providing the solution for every problem that can improve the quality of life for people.

To Improve Products and Services

Most billionaires have the desire to innovate existing products and services every day. They draw in satisfaction from making products better. Similarly, the core value of Amazon having high standards is the reason for Jeff Bezos to be the richest man in the world.

To Compete and Win

Sergey Galitsky is known for his biggest supermarket and cosmetic retail chain in Russia. He started his business with the motivation to support his family but later his vision subsided to becoming more competitive with business leaders – it’s like when you feel somebody’s superiority. It automatically triggers you to have that position. It can change competition into an obsession.

To Create Social Impact

Narayana Murthy, the legendary co-founder of tech-giant Infosys, was born in India. The motivation for him was to reach office early in the morning to create more jobs with higher incomes, to reduce the poverty level in India. Later in 2017, Infosys was recognised as one of the top companies with the highest paying job openings.

Tim Draper, a venture capital investor, believes that if you have an opportunity to make a change, then take it. You have your life to do it.

To Survive

When you start a business, the number one factor is always survival. The question every billionaire asks themselves every day is – “will I survive or not?”

No one likes to admit that, but failure is the biggest fear for every entrepreneur

Jack Cowin, a Canadian born fast-food mogul, built his fortune on burgers and pizza through founding competitive Foods Australia. He believed in the beginning, the most important thing is to survive, hoping to make the business profitable and being proud of launching it.

These people succeed because they chose to fight, whether with time, a person or a situation. They make things happen by being motivated.