We live in a busy and hectic world, and self-realisation has become a significant part of our lives. All those fabricated layers need to be peeled off to understand your true self and the true nature of reality. People are exhausted, have tight schedules and are still squeezing out the last drop of productivity at work, surviving without or very little rest.

It is high time that new strategies are implemented to promote time-management and self-realisation, to streamline life processes and make life more productive and effective. Mentioned below are some tips that will help you to be more productive.


Often it is observed that people tend to leave their tasks mid-way, jump to other, and then struggle to get hold of the unfinished business as they lost touch. If you are a person of this kind, try scheduling your tasks. The scheduling we are talking about, it the same term you already know about. Planning and determination of activities, the time each of them requires, and its priority.

In this fast-paced world, we often forget what activities we are supposed to do, and what activities we have committed to. A well-planned schedule will keep everything in place and prevent you from missing out on any important tasks.


You have been taking out time for everything, what about taking out time for yourself? The human body is not a machine, however, the age we live in has forced us to push its limits. Work, traveling, miscellaneous activities and so much more. An average human unknowingly works for 16 hours a day. Time out for yourself is necessary to keep you refreshed and energised.

Do not overwhelm yourself

Being productive means optimising your abilities to offer the best possible services. However, your productivity might take a hit if you overwhelm yourself. Just the thought of a tight schedule might fade away your motivation ad will power. Prioritise your tasks, and identify which ones you can put on backseat. One finished task is always better than 3 unfinished.