Google was founded in 1996 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two PhD students from Stanford University. As soon as google gained popularity on campus, they realised the great potential of it. They had a tough decision to make, whether to drop out and work on Google or finish their degree. They were not inclined towards the business prospect, so they tried to sell this idea to the biggest internet companies at that time for $1million. But all the companies rejected their proposal for sale. Page and Brin offered a $700,000 deal to Excite as a final offer but it was declined by their CEO too. The companies that rejected the offer are struggling to survive (Excite and AltaVista are no longer in business), while Yahoo is struggling to keep their market share. Some of the reasons for Google’s great success are: 

Built on Data 

Since the increased popularity of the company, they have taken all of their big or small decisions after detailed qualitative and quantitative research. Even if it’s a matter of setting policy for the workplace, actual data is used to make every rule and regulation for the workplace. For example- How long are you going to wait at the cafeteria for lunch? Google calculates the data and composes a work schedule around that.

Fun work Environment

Google is known for having one of the best working environments for a reason, as it feels like more than just work. In a world of boring cubicles and working environment, it’s exceptional to provide this kind of experience. However, regardless of working late and on weekends, employees enjoy going to work. Google provides everything its employees may need in one place, for example, employees can have breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst at work, as well as salons and clinics that are available too. All the offices have facilities for the gyms and swimming pools. Moreover, every office has different perks.

Encourages Creativity

Google believes that happier employees are more creative and efficient. Therefore, they made an environment where employees can express freely and can provide their solution for the same problems. Google believes in a free environment as the employees don’t need to stick to their cubicles. Instead, it’s the choice of the employee to decide his workplace, it can be a cafeteria, library or anywhere. In terms of recruitment, they are pretty much the same as the other companies with only a difference of looking for a person who is creative and eager to learn. The interview process determines whether the candidate is creative, fun and self-driven.

People Operations

Just like any other company, they have a huge HR department that is called “People Operations”. It’s an area where science and management meet to increase the efficiency of Google. Like all other things, this department is based on data study too.

Open communication policy

Google operates with an open organisation structure, where everyone can share their voice. It helps all the employees to interact with each other on any level of the hierarchy. The benefit is for the low-level employees as they can share all of their views with the CEO directly without any interruption.

Google is followed by all companies across the globe as they have ‘cracked the code’ of turning employees into leaders.