The world at large recognises the need for an entirely digital workplace. Although, sluggish processes that require a large chunk of manual labour have been made obsolete in the recent years, however there is still a long distance to scale for digitalisation to conquer the workplace sector. In a response, generated by employees who are working in a digital eco-system, we can confidently say that people are happier as their job is easier, they are able to connect, brainstorm ideas, assess feedback and work with their colleagues in real time anywhere they want.

The increased demand for a flexible working environment has grown exponentially as new generation takes over. New mind-set and the zeal to utilise latest technologies can be deemed as a catalyst for the move towards digital workplaces.

Here are some reasons why you should welcome the thought of a digital workplace:

Satisfied People

In this world of comprehensive competence, people are finding it difficult to juggle between work and life. In a survey done by a leading agency, 68 per cent of people listed flexible working as an important factor in choosing the next job. Flexible working not just appeals to employees, in fact it appeals to the management as well.

Enterprises endorse the system of flexibility as they report 69 per cent absenteeism as compared to conventional way of working. This is because people are better able to manage their work commitments along with their personal ones. This in turns helps in increasing the overall satisfaction levels of the employee.

Bigger savings

A lot has already been said from the employee’s perspective. Digital workplaces have even bigger benefits for the employers. With the cost of office rentals sky-rocketing and keeping in mind those energy expenses, solutions that reduce desk space are highly desirable. A digital workplace means – people can work from anywhere. Which implies that lesser desk space will be required, which ultimately results into drastically reduced office space renting.

Many employers, because of an increased indulgence in digital workplaces have been able to make both ends meet.