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Business English

Business English is considered a comprehensive and in-depth course which allows you to develop the practical English skills you need for the business world. Many internationals study this subject intending to be successful in their employment in businesses. It allows you to become more linguistically professional so that you can adapt well. The course motivates you and boosts your confidence while giving you opportunities to focus on specific business skills such as presentations and report writing. Business English teaches you the correct way in grammar. It emphasises topics used in business, such as finance and trade. It aids in improving your communication skills and focusses on your vocabulary so you can correspond and articulate to a higher level.

Why should I choose this course?

Key features

  • Learn new things about the business world and how it developed
  • Establish your interview skills to perform better
  • Expand your knowledge to become more employable
  • An engaging and enriching teaching environment for the best learning process
  • Develop your business idea through the Business School’s Incubator and access support through a local ‘Business Angels’ network.
  • Gain insights into contemporary management which will help you prepare for a career in entrepreneurship.
  • Gain Associate Membership of the Chartered Management Institute – there will be a charge for membership of the professional bodies.
  • Work with academics and entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in management, consultancy, or running their own business.
  • Widen your business contacts and enlarge your business opportunities worldwide
  • Improve your presentation and negotiation skills as well as how to conduct business meetings
  • Learn in a simulated business environment through practical teaching methods

Key Facts

Learning Mode
Hours per week
15 Hours
3 Weeks per session
Class Timings
Daytime, Evening or Weekend
From £750 per Session
Payment Plan
Minimum Age
Students in class
Average 12 students

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will improve their fluency in English speaking and writing and will lead to a professional degree

  • Gain knowledge of business terminology and be able to apply it when communicating with others

  • Learn through role-play and practical examination how to speak with each other professionally and apply it to written correspondence

  • Develop necessary skills to deal with people in business situations

  • Increase their knowledge of key business concepts worldwide

  • Write and read essential business reports, faxes, and memos

  • Expand vocabulary related to general business situations

  • Develop confidence to deal with people and underlying issues in the business world

Course Content

During this course, you can expect to cover the following areas:

This topic will cover the most Use of Key Business Vocabulary important terminology and words that are used throughout the business world and their purpose. This will expand your vocabulary and enhance your knowledge of these terms in the business world.

Grammar is the most important element in all languages. This topic you will focus on how English grammar works and how to write to a professional standard.

This will cover the different elements that make up a business and how they are important to a business.

For this topic, we will look at how to comprise messages and how to speak and interact with people in a professional, business manner.

This will look at how to conduct a presentation ensuring you can give a presentation where you are clear and articulate when speaking.

This is where we give you a practical experience of giving a presentation or holding a conversation with a fellow co-worker or professional. This will enhance your confidence in your ability to speak in English and give you a better understanding of what is required.

Statistics and the ability to read and understand their meaning is very important in business. This module you will learn how to be able to analyse statistics and trends you can see in the business world for a variety of fields as well as be able to understand how you can change them or work with them.

A business report is an incredibly detailed piece of writing that consists of being able to give as much information as possible in as few words as possible. In the business world you will need this skill in order to be able to communicate information of what your findings are in a concentrated form.

Online Benefits

  • High flexibility – study in the comfort of their home and combine it with their work or other commitments
  • Connect with people from all over the world living in a totally different place than you
  • Affordable
  • Opportunity to develop your self-discipline and responsibility skills
  • Save travel cost and time
  • One-to-one teaching results to be a concentrated and active learning

Entry Requirements

  • Before starting, your level of English should be B1 at a minimum.
  • Please note the minimum age for students wishing to join this course is 18 years old.

As part of your application, you are required to submit the following supporting documents:

  • Passport/ID

  • Application Form

“I’m happy that I joined this course because it taught me completely new language skills in the workplace
and changed my attitude towards the professional environment and its values.”

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Tuition fees cover the cost of a student’s academic studies. This usually includes teaching costs, registration and examination fees (not repeat or tailing modules, re-sit fees or coursework resubmission). Any costs associated with work placements will be the students responsibility.

3 - 10 Weeks


10 - 20 Weeks


20 - 30 Weeks


30 - 40


40 - 50



The 21st century has created the need for speaking as many foreign languages as possible, due to the high mobility that people have, in an age of global commerce. Many institutions support businesses, governments and individuals in developing the English language skills required by employers, providing the opportunity to take an exam and have a degree that is acknowledged worldwide.

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Visit Us

If you are interested in applying we encourage you to visit the School and meet with our recruitment and admissions staff. This is neither a requirement nor expectation if you are planning on applying to the programme.

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How to Apply

By enrolling at London School of Business, you will be studying with people from all different types of backgrounds and different cultures, providing an opportunity to socialise and make friends from nations across the globe. Apply now, and one of our Admission Advisors will be in touch to support you through the process.

You can use the following link to apply for the programme: https://www.lsbuk.com/apply/

  • Personal details

  • Family information

  • Extracurricular activities

  • Global interests and experiences

There is no application fee.

  • Proof of your academic achievements, including official school transcripts

  • Evidence of English proficiency, i.e: TOEFL/IELTS/ Functional Skills Level 2 (if English is not your native language)

  • GMAT/SAT/ACT scores (optional)

  • One academic reference

  • A Personal Statement as an essay (400–500 words)

  • Scholarship and financial aid application included with the application form

In order to assess your eligibility for the programme, we will review your profile and your expectations from your career. This will be done via an in-person, telephonic or video conversation. In addition, we will mark your English proficiency for the course as well, and advise on further actions to be taken on your part.

Once your application and personal assessment interview are completed, you will receive an admission decision within two weeks. If you have any questions regarding the status of your application, feel free to contact your Admission Advisor.

If you are accepted into the program and have decided to start your studies at London School of Business, you must confirm your place prior to confirmation deadline.

Once we confirm your student status with us, we will be sending out useful information regarding your pre-arrival, and pre-enrolment.  Not only that, we will work alongside to make sure you have a seamless arrival in the UK.

Need Help Choosing A Programme?

Choosing the right programme is an important part of your future success. Our dedicated student counsellors are happy to assist you in choosing the right programme that best suits your professional goals. Please contact us on +44 (0)20 3305 8124 or send us an email to Undergraduate@lsbuk.com to discuss your requirements and obtain an application form.

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