New release: iPhone to be rebranded as “iPhone Ultra”

There have been many rumours circulating around for months on what the new iPhone could consist of and what features it would have. This has once again brought a lot of excitement to people. It has been rumoured that it could possibly have a new rebranded name after the Pro Max called the iPhone 15 ULTRA. There will be 4 new models that are expected to come out in September. This includes the iPhone 15, 15 plus, 15 pro and 15 pro max. Mark Gurman who has a solid record in the past of knowing the Apple iPhone leaks has said that iPhone 15 is essentially a re-packaged 14 pro without a telephoto camera and stainless steel body. Ross Young who is the display analyst of Apple has told people that he isn’t expecting the base iPhone 15 to get a high refresh rate like Apple’s Pro iPhone. 

Another huge change that we are expected to see is the shift from the lightning connector. It is believed that Apple felt pressure from the European Union (EU), as they have made USB-C a common charging standard. This has led to Apple adopting the USB-C charging port as well instead of the lightning port. The last time this actually happened was in 2012 when they originally put out the lightning port for the iPhone 5. This brought an end to the 30-pin iPod connector, which was there for years. People are asking a few questions on how Apple will be able to handle this as they are wondering if USB-C will be on all phones globally, or if they are going to be sold in EU countries only. What everyone does know is that they are going to have to get used to it as it will most likely be that all iPhones will be sold with the USB-C port.

It is rumoured as well that the iPhone 15 Pro and the Pro Max is the one that will have the most changes out of all their announcements. According to Bloomberg Gurnman, the stainless steel will be removed and the frame of the pro will be made from titanium. This could help reduce the weight of the iPhones and make them feel lighter which would be more suitable. Another big change to the pro model is the USB-C which was mentioned earlier. This port would actually support faster data operations that are performed by the iPhone such as transferring files and ProRES video files. This will be very convenient for a lot of people. Another report also hinted that both pro models will have solid-state power and volume buttons, which would actually differentiate them from the normal 15 and 15 plus.