Before Christmas, the scientists discovered another strain of COVID-19 in the UK, and they believe it to be the result of the flood in cases. Boris Johnson ordered a third national lockdown in January, the unique spread, as daily circumstances towered to more than 50,000 and grew by almost 50 per cent in just a week.

How a new form of Covid expanded?

In England, there has been an overall expansion in every locale, which is spreading worldwide. The most noteworthy ascents were in the East, South East, and London, yet it has presently taken off in different regions. More than 50 countries have halted flights to or from Britain to avoid the onward spread of the virus while being picked up in other countries.

New vaccines available

As Britain now has two coronavirus vaccines, there are worries that, even after vaccination or prior exposure, the mutated virus may be able to escape the immune system. The new variant carries changes from the spike protein, which directly attacks human cells.

Vaccines function by instructing the body’s cells to create these spike proteins, which are then spotted as a foreign target by the immune system and produce antibodies that react to and clear away the virus. When it has passed, the body has a coronavirus memory.

Therefore, if the virus was to re-enter the human body again, these antibodies will be primed; additionally, a distinction in the spike protein structure makes it harder for the immune system to spot it. It also makes it harder to tie antibodies to kill the virus.

Currently, scientists are testing whether the latest vaccinations can work against the current virus. There is no research at present to show that it is more likely to lead to serious illness. However, as it can bind to human cells more quickly, it will spread further, suggesting that more people may become sick and require hospital care.


Stay home and stay safe!