So far, 2020 is a year that the industries struggle, here are the most profitable ones:

Pension Funding

Revenue in the Pension Funding industry has increased over the past few years. The reason for the increase is the introduction of automatic enrolment in pension schemes, which began in October 2012 and was fully phased in by February 2018.

Banks in the UK

Retail and commercial banks generate most of their revenue by charging interest on loans, while a secondary source of revenue is represented by non-interest income from card fees and overdraft fees

Construction Contractors in the UK

Operators in the Construction Contractors industry are active across the building construction and civil engineering markets.

Open-Ended Investment Company Activities in the UK

Open-ended investment companies and unit trusts are both types of collective investment schemes that can constantly adjust their portfolios to maximise returns, given a specific investment remit.

Residential Building Construction in the UK

The Residential Building Construction industry has performed well over the past five-year period, supported by a range of government policy initiatives intended to stimulate the housing market.

Legal Activities in the UK

Solicitors, barristers, patent agents, notaries, and bailiffs carry out legal activities on behalf of private and corporate clients

Building Project Development in the UK

Operators in the Building Project Development industry bring together the financial, technical, and physical resources required to complete property development. Upon completion, the property may be delivered to a client for subsequent use or sale, or the developer may retain equity interest and derive income via rental fees

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