Liz Truss urges PM to cut taxes a year after Downing Street exit.

The Tory MP has argued that she has been able to deliver the plans that she promised because of the political and economic establishment of the country. Lizz Truss also called on Rishi Sunak to cut down taxes and also reduce benefit increases. This would be seen as helping the economy as the grand scheme of people would be getting help. Her plans had mostly backfired and she re-signed by October 22nd. Her government unveiled that there would be a few measures that would take place when they were in power. A lot of people complained that the economy was in “too much of a rush” and the plans she was making were not seen as realistic. Lizz Truss then responded by saying that she wanted her voters to see results and didn’t want anyone to feel like she was doing nothing under the power that she was appointed with. Lizz Truss then went on to confess that “I knew with the lack of resistance and preparation things weren’t going to be perfect”. 

Lizz Truss went on to back herself by stating how “there was a powerful force comprising the economic and political elite’’. Lizz further went on to say that tax cuts were not unfunded as this would have increased revenue in the long run. These are not the only reasons Ms.Truss had mentioned but these were quite a few of the main ones that were limiting her from fulfilling the roles that she promised. Another promise that Ms.Truss made was to reinstate VAT-free shopping and abolish windfall tax on oil and gas firms. This is another promise that was made under her government which could not be fulfilled due to various amount of reasons.

There are rumors that Lizz Truss is going to be writing a book entitled “Ten Years to Save the West”, which would basically entail her time in the government and she will talk about all the issues that she had faced. When it came to her meeting her successor she said she didn’t want to participate in a conservative party soap opera but there was clear policy gulf between her and Rishi Sunak.