If you get down to track the biography of almost every entrepreneur, you are bound to find a litany of errors and failures. In a quest for achieving something, it is apparent that an individual needs to tread on a path which is unknown to him; and when the path itself is unknown, detours are more than certain to happen. In the world of business, failing seems inevitable. Some succumb to the pressure, while some actually take cue from them.

Setbacks, everyone goes through some, it depends on one’s capability to come up stronger. Like Steve Sims, author of Bluefishing – The Art of Making things Happen said “a person does not drown by falling in water, he drowns by not thrusting up”

Here, have a look below-

  • Henry Ford, the famous American industrialist, and one of the wealthiest business tycoons of the modern era went broke five times.
  • Walt Elias Disney, when searching for investments to support Walt Disney World was turned down about 250 times. Interestingly, in one of his interviews he said “it is kind of fun to do the impossible”
  • The famous English rock band, The Beatles, was turned away by 5 record companies.

We believe you can imagine what the world would have looked like today, if there was no Ford, no Disney and no Beatles. Had they all given up, their talent in their respective fields wouldn’t have seen the light of recognition.

Failures are a part of journey, and it is therefore an entrepreneur’s will to choose a wiser path the second time.

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