What is IFF?

International Foundation Programme (IFP) is a globally recognised programme and is an alternative to an A-Level or Access to higher education qualification. The duration of the programme is six to nine months.

Who is it for?

The International Foundation Programme is for international students whose qualifications do not enable them to meet the entry requirements for direct entry to first-year and whose first language is not English, if you are from the EU but have attended high school in an international country where we do not accept the high school qualifications for direct entry, please contact us to discuss.


Advantages of IFP

  • Increased chances of admission

The IFP provides the start of the educational path as it fully prepares for the undergraduate degree at a university. Most students that follow a foundation programme get into great universities abroad.


  • Better language proficiency

International foundation programmes always include language courses in order to help students to communicate during their studies and in daily life. Besides, the IFP programme equips students with advanced English that lead to meeting the university admission requirements.


  • Direct access to great universities

Discover the university you plan on attending during your Bachelor’s or Master’s studies and decide if it’s the right place for you. Learn more about requirements, practices and the country’s culture. Talk to teaching staff and to students at the university to get a unique insight into your possible future.


  • Relevant qualification for your future studies

International foundation programme will provide you with a specific set of skills and knowledge necessary for university admission. This targeted preparation will make studying infinitely easier and will provide you with a unique advantage over other international students. Furthermore, the IFP will provide you with knowledge of the assessment process in the UK and the main requirements.


  • Reduced culture shock

By spending already one year in the country where you wish to study, it’ll be much easier to move to a foreign country and get over the initial culture shock. This will make the beginning of your studies a lot smoother and comfortable. It also provides you with knowledge about all the paperwork and formal procedures you’ll need to go through to study and live abroad.


International Foundation Programme at London School of Business helps international students in becoming academically adept to pursue higher education here in the United Kingdom. By pursuing the IFP, students will be able to develop a strong understanding of their chosen subject, providing them with practical knowledge of various research methods that are important in higher education.

Besides, it gives a fast track route to London School of Business and other prestigious UK universities. For more information visit: International Foundation Programme