Virality, needless to say is synonymous to advertising. And it is something, which is on the mind of every marketer before they hawk out a campaign. Although, digital marketing is patently effective when it comes to reaching out to masses, and if designed well, can struck the chords of virality in no time.

However, it lacks that indispensable “personal” touch of word of mouth marketing. No amount of Artificial Intelligence can replace the prospect harnessing power of WOM. In fact, according to a report, WOM marketing is the driving force behind 13% of sales, while paid marketing in total accounts for 20-30% of sales. Therefore, a brand cannot neglect investing in WOM marketing.

Here are a couple of reasons, documenting as to how word-of-mouth marketing can have invaluable impact on a brand:

Trust is Reassuring

Unlike digital marketing, WOM marketing is a long term thing as it adds trust to the transaction. The whole process is quite plain-sailing – by providing exceptional customer service, and value, companies unknowingly create brand ambassadors that willingly share their insights about their products and services with their network.

Jay Baer, in his writings, has expounded on the fact that almost 80% of consumers tend to rely on recommendations from people they know personally. This intensely personal attribute of WOM marketing has brought laurels for many brands out there.

Saves a lot of time

Let us help you understand through a relatable example.

We’ve all done that on a Saturday night: where we head out for dinner with friends, but nobody shoulders the responsibility of combing through google to research about every available option.

Instead, one of your friend shouts out a spot they heard from their colleague, and how it serves great dishes, and within no time you all have a place to go. This is the power of WOM marketing. And we believe, this organic form of marketing has the capacity to convince anyone.

In this age of digital era, advertising metrics are becoming increasingly complex. It is a cinch to cling on to these metrics, and neglect the basics of business growth. For a holistic growth, getting the word out for your business is the key forward. If your existing customers are willing to do that on your behalf, you should provide them with everything they need to hold their efforts up.

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