According to a recent report by British environment think-tank agency “Green Alliance Finds”, energy waste remains a widespread concern in UK offices. It has been deemed as a significant fuelling factor for climate change. Despite the availability of new and improved solutions that help in cutting costs and emissions, workplaces in the United Kingdom seem to plunge into the dark when it comes to environment upkeep.

In a shocking revelation, Green Alliance Finds has found that wastage of energy costs £60m to UK firms, through the means of increased operations costs and excessive over the top expenses.

Besides, London, known as the financial capital of the world, poses a significant threat to the environment. The scale of the waste is most abundant in the English capital. London generates carbon emissions equal to 46,000 cars per day.

Environmentalists are calling for a mix of smart technology and better business incentives to steer progress towards the British government’s aim of chiselling energy usage to at least a fifth by the year 2030.

While the incorporation of more advanced systems demands time, going green with some of the below-mentioned ideas might make a difference.

Be conscious of your printing practices

Printing on both sides of the paper will immensely help in cutting down paper requirement.

Energy-saving lights

Long gone are the days when halogen and CFL lighting techniques were popular. Today’s the era of LEDs.

Reduce office waste

It is a well-known fact that most of the office waste is paper and plastic, which is easily recyclable and reusable. Therefore, instead of binning them, we should give them away to be recycled.

Collaborative online workspace

As we have already discussed this aspect in our previous blogs, having an online workspace ideally makes a difference.

Use natural light if an option

The energy in the form of electricity is amongst the top 2 things wasted at a ferocious rate across the globe, especially in high-tech offices. Therefore, natural light is a far better and greener option.

Contrary to the fact that leading cities should be posing as a role model for other third-world countries and cities to follow, it is highly alarming that a city like London has fared so low on the green index.

It is high time we implement steps towards to cease the negative effect of globalisation on climate.