London School of Business is synonymous to academic rigor and flexibility. Students are offered with numerous opportunities to expand their horizons in the field of business. Students from all across the Europe join LSB to pivot from their current professions to take on new challenges and streamline core business operations for various organisations. One such student is Irina Cemortan.

Hailing from Romania, she joined LSB’s ATHE certified Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management to take a leap from her arts career to a business specific profession. She then intends to pursue MBA, and carve a niche in her career. Nervous in her initial days, she is now confident about the incremental improvements she is experiencing every day in her professional and academic career.

Our student bloggers thought of asking her how she feels about LSB, and how has her experience been whilst studying in London.

Here is an account of what she has to say about her stint at LSB.

Q1) how are you finding London School of Business?

LSB has been a completely different experience for me. Previously, I believed it will be very difficult for me to adjust in a new country, surrounded by new people and on top of that completely changing my career  blue-print; however, owing to LSB’s expertise in handling international students, my transition from being a Romanian to a full-time Londoner and a venerated LSB student was seamless.

Faculty’s young and energetic, and their teaching methods are too friendly and easily understandable. Hailing from Romania, I faced issues initially, however the option of studying English alongside my course has made me gain more confidence. LSB has contributed a big part in transforming my personality from an introvert to an outspoken individual.

LSB offers English courses to students coming from non-English speaking countries, to help them blend in easily with the British culture.

Q2) the best thing that you like about your school?

The curriculum is designed in a way that it encompasses every essential aspect of Strategic Management in Business, and adapts a holistic way of imparting core business knowledge. Moreover, coming to the practical aspect, I can have one-to-one sessions with my tutor at any point of given time.

Q3) why did you choose LSB?

I was very finicky when it came to choosing a business school for my studies. But upon attending the open day, and going through the curriculum I decided that this is going to be my place of study! Moreover, the additional benefit of learning English made it a pragmatic option.