Whether the business is big or small, they can severely change the way they operate to decrease their carbon footprint and can make an impact on the environment. There are multiple ways for businesses to work in this way. Here are some of the ways businesses can diminish their carbon footprint:

Renewable Energy

Switch to renewable energy with the certificate from REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin),  this will assure the origin of the renewable energy provided to you is from a renewable source. Calculate your energy usage with the market-based calculations and focus on your carbon footprint reduction. Consequently, if you move to renewable energy, your emanation of electricity is going to reduce. 

Reduce Your Emissions

Nowadays, all companies are opting to travel less by air from using popular online software such as Zoom and Skype. It’s better to travel by trains than air as it reduces the carbon footprint. However, if it needs to take place, try to use the economy class. Studies have calculated the carbon footprint of planes. It explains that most of the emissions are from the business class, that is around 0.60kg CO2, and the least is the economy class. It depends on the size and space of a seat on the plane. For example, a flight from London to Chicago will have a carbon footprint of 3600kg C02e for the business class and around 920kg C02e for the economy class. A switch of business to economy class can rapidly lessen the comfort and carbon footprint immensely. 

Road Travel emission

Your travelling can be emission-free if you can switch the fuel for the vehicles. Such as, opt for the electric car rather than petrol or diesel. As electric cars are expensive in the market, the Government intervenes and provides grants that make the cost of the car affordable. As the usage of electric cars increases, the Government is providing subsidised rates to the people with charging points at their home. There is a company to check the amount of emission produced by the offices and workplace named Energy Saving Trust (EST). EST carries out several techniques to calculate the emission and presents the ways to reduce it. The UK Government pays for every review done by EST. So, it’s cost-free for individuals to get the survey for their house and workplace. They analyse the opportunity to reduce emissions, fuel charge and expense. 

The efficiency of the workplace

Switching all the lightning to Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) in the office can reduce a considerable amount of emission. It’s better to use as much natural light as possible throughout the day time as most companies use their lighting unnecessarily. Using the LED’s can reduce the overall cost of the company’s electricity bill. Natural light conserves energy and helps to improve the sleep and decrease health risks associated with artificial lights. Transparent sheets can be used on windows to minimise excessive heat. Moreover, motion sensors are an opportunity for offices to reduce emissions as that automatically turns off the lights if the room is not in use. Dimmable lights are another option to ensure that the lights shouldn’t be on maximum capacity if the room is not in use. 

All of these methods can help people and companies to reduce their carbon footprint.