Choosing which subject to study at university is indeed a dilemma in itself, and undoubtedly this might be one of the biggest decisions you will ever make as a student. So how should you go about it?

Should you follow your heart and study something you’re really passionate about, regardless of where it might lead you, or should you instead opt for a degree with a more secure career route?

Why is it so that upon asking a student, about what they’d study if guaranteed employment, their answer won’t correspond with what they actually choose? Is it because their aspirations are diminished by those who “know best”?

Money vs Peace of Mind

Most advice on which degree to study is concentrated entirely on securing a job in the future. Many students are discouraged, either by family or peers, from pursuing abstract interests because, apparently, the prospects are unrealistic.

However, we argue – is it really worth embarking on a route, just because it enhances the possibility of future employment? The world at large, knows that it is difficult to enter employment from any angle, therefore why not stick with a subject that you genuinely enjoy?

In this article for Harvard Business Review, Tomas, a Professor at University of London, expounded that intrinsic motivation is a much stronger predictor of performance than extrinsic motivation. This implies, the more people will focus on their salaries, the more they will neglect their intellectual curiosity.

Payback Time

However, through a different perspective, university means doing something you love, right? Maybe not. While studying at university you are making an investment. Investment that should someday pay you back, not just academically, but financially as well.

Basically, if you are good at numbers however you are really passionate about travel, opting to study a course related to travel, or geography might be a blunder. There is a high possibility that you may realise that you are not quite sure about what to do with your degree once you graduate. And it will be sabotaging to know that you have the calibre, and are capable of all those mathematical jobs you see advertised, however lack the qualification to prove it.

Therefore, enrolling for the right course is crucial to optimising your university life, so make sure you explore your options, even if you are sure what you want to study.

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