A postgraduate diploma is equivalent to master’s degree however there are many contrasts between the programmes. The duration it takes to study full-time master’s degree is 2 years compared to postgraduate diploma  which is 9 months. The level of study is considered the same but it is important to acknowledge that postgraduate diploma does not require completing a dissertation whilst in masters it is required. Master’s degree consist credits which are worth 180 meanwhile postgraduate credits are worth 120. Simply put, postgraduate diploma is higher than undergraduate and is a shorter version of masters.

Advantages of Postgraduate Diploma

There are numerous advantages of studying postgraduate diploma. One of the biggest advantages of postgraduate is the fact that it is ideal for students who have recently finished their undergraduate course and wants to develop their skills whilst their knowledge is still fresh. Ultimately, the developed skills gained from postgraduate diploma will boost your CV which will benefit your work career or further study plans.

Postgraduate diploma is beneficial in most scenarios, for example, if you are looking to change your career after studying undergraduate, it will be wise choice to go for level of study which wouldn’t consume a lot of time and exhaustive effort; clearly, even in this situation going for postgraduate diploma is much easier option.

LSB Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

Our main motto & vow is to build leaders, so the postgraduate diploma programmes that we offer compromises our vow. As London School of Business we are evolving in terms of the courses that we offer. The courses that we offer are; Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management, Accounting and Finance, Project Management, Risk Management, Human Resource Management and Logistics and Supply Chain Management. We are looking to expand in our postgraduate diploma programmes even more in the near future and we are willing to advance according to the feedback that we receive.

After completing our postgraduate diploma programmes students can get skilled jobs in UK. Please find out the UK Skilled worker salary requirements.

If you believe that you are ready to take the postgraduate journey then just remember we are here to accompany and support you to your success.