Is the concept of failure very difficult to come to terms with? Does failure contain even a minuscule bit of positive in it? Let us find out.

Failure is always associated with negativity. This is a common misconception around failure and an easy one to succumb to. It is easy to be short-sighted when facing failure, and only then have you truly failed.

A lot has been said, and written on failure, and we believe adding on to it will be a mere merry chase. We would rather be debunking the disbeliefs surrounding the term.

Achieving Serenity in Sobriety

One thousand unsuccessful attempts were made by Thomas Edison in the quest to invent the light bulb. This means, he tried one thousand times, failed, however still got back on the horse and rode again. This is a significant indication of achieving serenity through sobriety. This involves adapting to failures as a part of life.

Taking a leap from Edison, and considering our personal or professional failures, even we should take our failures in stride and put a positive spin on them. Failures help us discover ways in which we are clearly not supposed to do something. As it is always said, bad experiences lead to the good ones. Only by identifying where you have committed a mistake can you change course and embark towards success.

Success does not eliminate failure

When we glance at some of the most renowned, biggest, and longest standing brands that have delivered huge revenues and investment returns over decades, not simply years or brief times, they were all once stuck in the slush of failures along the way.

Brands such as Land Rover, Coca-Cola and KFC have all been involved in poor decision making that retro gated their growth trajectory. However, one important thing to take note of is that these brands still stand strong today, and are sometimes seen as leaders in their respective fields. The list of achievements of these brands is quite long, and so as the list of failures as well.

Success and failure are not static destinations that you reach once and then all is done.

Therefore, we would like to conclude by saying that quite often the fortune in failure is something that we fail to identify, and this could be the key to our long-term success.

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