Ford Motor was founded in America in 1903 by Henry Ford. Also, his Fordism management style occurred in this company. Fordism is a metaphor that is frequently used to refer to either the Ford Motor Company’s early 20th-century mass production method or the typical post-war form of economic expansion and its corresponding social and political order in advanced capitalism. According to Ford, UK (2023), the Ford Model T was the product of Henry Ford’s brilliance and pragmatic thinking. Most significantly, it was affordable enough for regular people to use.

Producing affordable cars cost reflected the workers. Ford adopted control over workers using the production line. The supervisor decided when workers should rest or fulfill their basic needs. The workers were forced to make the same job for days and weeks and months. This type of management, although very popular in those days, caused emotional damage to all employees. Charlie Chaplin took a role in a movie about the circumstances of Fordism. It can be seen that workers were used as a subject of consuming new machines. The machine used in the movie was tested due to reducing workers’ break time. Today’s Ford has proven itself in humanism and has accomplished great business. Ford provides its workers with a healthy and good salary for work.


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