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Finance for Strategic Managers

This intensive Finance For Strategic Managers course is ideal for managers with financial responsibility or seeking a refresher in analysis – including business analysts, accountants, project managers, budget analysts, vice presidents of finance, controllers, and treasurers.

  • Understand the limitations of traditional accounting models in an increasingly dynamic and fast-changing world

  • Contribute more effectively to corporate strategy by taking a more proactive and forward-looking approach

  • React to conditions of rapid change through enhanced awareness, anticipation and adaptation

  • Understand and use alternative expressions of profit that start with a recognition of the impact on cash flow of the various stakeholders in a company

  • Monitor the success of projects, strategies and even total businesses by articulating NPVs over time

  • Assess the strategic financial performance of the company and compare it with that of competitors

  • Understand the significance of cash flow and working capital management

  • Understand how strategic financial management fits together in an integrative model

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Less functional approaches to management have significantly impacted control systems and left the traditional accounting model looking inappropriate and even misleading. This strategic financial management programme brings together financial management and strategic management. It will help you access all management decision-making economic criteria and focus on two key ingredients: cash flow and net present value. This programme will help you develop the role of accountancy in a new dynamic world.

Programme Structure

  • Understand the concept of governance
  • Identify issues relating to employment law and legal aspects of governance
  • Determine roles and responsibilities of directors
  • Distinguish business ownership from business control
  • Assess governance and directorship for different business structures
  • Analyse the different methods commonly used to report financial information
  • Develop an understanding of the techniques used to gather financial information.
  • Investigate the use of each of the key financial statements for decision making
  • Evaluate the financial stability and performance of an organisation using appropriate financial ratio calculations
  • Understand the role played by international accounting standards as a means of producing uniform accounting methods
  • Understand the importance of measuring financial performance
  • Explore the financial position of organisations through the use of financial ratios
  • Use key groups of financial ratios to assess financial performance
  • Determine the financial stability of an organisation
  • Understand the importance of cash flow and working capital
  • Assess the role played by the management of stock
  • Identify key issues in financial management
  • Evaluate financial performance through the use of key financial ratios
  • Understand the use of budgets in financial control
  • Identify appropriate methods for raising finance
  • Identify the various influences from the internal and external environment.
  • Use a variety of techniques for assessing the impact of those environmental influences
  • Identify a range of different strategic options, such as developing new products, outsourcing, mergers etc
  • Analyse and compare the different options and learn to select the one that best suits the organisation

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Strategic Marketing
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90 Days
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Upon successful completion of the Strategic Marketing programme, you’ll earn a certificate of completion from the London School of Business.

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Becoming certified shows you have strong marketing skills and that you’re motivated to learn: two essential qualities in the workplace. Demonstrating these qualities can help improve your chances of finding the job you want.

Improving your marketing skills can help you find a job, get promoted, or start a whole new career.

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