Our goal is to create a network with employers throughout the industries that remain the primary dominants of our students’ interests. The events approach is to work with students individually to meet their needs and recommend suitable activities and options that benefit their path to success in their future careers. 

As an employer, you will have the option to join the following events that will greatly impact students’ thoughts and future choices: Career Fairs, Employer Presentations, or assessing the project management.

To join a career fair event is a great opportunity to promote your current or upcoming job placements, internships, or other part-time roles for graduates who may be interested to hear about as they seek experiences in the industry.

A brief presentation of yourself and the company you are operating in by including the background you come from and how your chosen career path has got you to your current position. The personal presentation of true yourself to the right targeted audience, by implementing a Q&A session may have a huge impact on their decision.

Our talented students will get involved in this activity by sharing their bright ideas on how to solve or change the approach of your business. This is an efficient way to promote and highlight a new way of powerful thinking by young graduates.

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To discuss opportunities for student recruitment, email the Careers and Employability Service team or call +44(0)20 3305 8124