In an article from the Guardian, Dr. Van Der Kolk highlighted his strong deplore regarding the prevalent technical bias in methodologies used to teach accounting in many leading business schools. However, his postulation that all business schools oversee the ethical consideration of their environmental, social and economic consequences while teaching accounting certainly does not apply at the London School of Business.

Scholars in the field of accounting at many business schools have been able to integrate both, consideration for ethics alongside critical theory. In addition, there is an extensive library of readings, research, and examples of critically-informed and ethical teaching materials and textbooks available that provide in-depth analysis of teaching ethics within accounting.

London School of business defines strict teaching ethics at the core of its mission, helping it to achieve its aim of developing an accounting education that provides solutions to problems linked with unsustainable and irresponsible businesses. Moreover, we have adopted a responsible approach to accounting education that falls miles away from the assumptions and postulation of Dr. Van Der Kolk. Our modules are designed as such that they provide detailed insights to students regarding the ethical behavior of businesses and responsible tax practices.

It is a belief at the London School of Business that choice of subject matter is indispensable in order to create responsible accounting, but “how” we teach it holds a significant amount of importance as well. But how are we doing that?

Placing emphasis on innovative teaching methods such as recreation of conflicts, guest lectures, documentaries, visual graphics, and problem-based teaching has aided us in keeping study ambiguity at bay and provide clear and articulate lessons to students. Moreover, roping in practitioners who have experienced ethical dilemmas, make us more adept in bestowing quality ethical accounting education, helping the future leaders of business create an impact in the corporate world.