The next university intake is fast approaching and students must be prepared whether they are studying online, on campus or blended learning. Understanding what is needed for your studying is vital. Therefore, listed below are essential tools for effective online studying. 

1. Consistent Schedule

 Students must ensure that they have an organised schedule which is consistent so they can manage their learning and personal time     accordingly. Some universities do not provide an active timetable for online students but rather a specification of due dates and detailed     information that could assist their learning. Therefore, by creating a schedule with daily tasks and breaks, students can track their progress     easily.

2. Communicate

 Most universities expect online students to manage their education independently. Students are advised to contact staff (lecturers, tutors,   seminar leaders etc.) if they require any additional help. All communication will be online so be prepared for potential emails, phone/face   calls and messages. Additionally, always remember that your university is here and happy to help you, so don’t be a stranger.

3. Find a suitable study area

 All students require a suitable studying area, however, when studying online and living at home this can sometimes be difficult. There are   many places that students go to study such as local libraries, cafes, community centres, study centres, home etc. Wherever you decide to go,   make sure you’re not around any distractions to reduce the risk of procrastination. Furthermore, do let your family know that you are   studying (if you are studying from home) so they can be understanding and reduce any noise distractions.  

4. Stationary 

 Students studying online should consider purchasing headphones as they are great for cancelling out noise. Likewise, students can take   their work out and use the headphones to listen to important lectures or videos. Additionally, general stationary is vital (pens, paper, USB   etc.) yet some online students forget to purchase a printer. Having a printer is useful as you would not have access to one on campus, so try   to purchase one prior to your studies so you are prepared. (Please note: you can also print at internet cafes/ printing shops).

Above all, make sure you have a well functioning computer/laptop with storage that is reliable. Remember to frequently back up your work and save it on multiple devices. I hope this blog was insightful and gave you the knowledge of what to do when studying online. Good luck with your studies and enjoy learning.