Dr. Seyed Mohammad Reza Masoudian

Ph.D. of Accounting | Master’s in IBM – Oxford Brookes University

Seyed mohammad reza Masoudian is a highly experienced financial professional with over ten years of expertise in the UK and abroad. He is a member of CMI, IICA, IAA, and holds a PhD in Accounting. His research focuses on developing mixed quantitative and qualitative financial data, with a particular emphasis on forward-looking information in the London and Tehran stock exchange. Seyed mohammad reza has published numerous articles in various journals and actively participated in several conferences as a speaker, attendee, and co-chair.

In addition to his work in the financial sector, Seyed mohammad reza has also worked as a tutor and lecturer at various universities, including Shamsipour Technical University. He has taught Financial Accounting and Management Accounting to over 130 students per day and has experience working with diverse groups of students. Seyed mohammad reza has utilized different teaching methods, including online classes and blended learning, during the Covid-19 outbreak. As a dissertation supervisor for accounting bachelor students, he has guided students through the process of conducting research and writing a thesis.

Seyed mohammad reza achieved his teaching certificate in 2012 and has undergone extensive training in various teaching methods, including online teaching, blended teaching, classroom management practices, and teaching techniques. He holds several certifications, such as IFRS, Financial Reporting, and Cash flow, which demonstrate his expertise and commitment to the field. Seyed mohammad reza is passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge and experience with others, and he looks forward to continuing to do so in the future.

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