Dr. Irene McLaughlin

An international award-winning businesswoman with a passion for educating

Irene is an award-winning businesswoman. She has built, commercialised, floated, and sold companies ranging from retail outlets to high-tech organisations. She has held board director positions for Business Link and Enterprise Agencies throughout the South East and Yorkshire and advised the government on women’s issues in business.

Irene helps organisations in crisis find pockets of previously unidentified profits. She helps clients to turn around companies with innovative solutions through people and technology.

Winner of the Daily Mail Business Europe Award and the Arthur Anderson Premier Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Irene is a recognised business leader and Chief Executive Officer with proven strategic planning and solution management skills. She has been instrumental in achieving sustainable growth in dynamic market conditions through exceptional leadership and relationship-building strengths.

Irene’s PhD is in social value metrics; she also holds a Masters in Management (including the Dean’s Prize in Academcis) and a degree in Real Estate Finance and Investment, both from Harvard Business School, USA. She is a Chartered Accountant uniquely qualified in public and private sector accountancy covering UK and US GAAP. Irene’s passion for social and sustainable solutions complements her passion for teaching and solving international business issues.

As a teacher, Irene has successfully guided and mentored students up to Master’s Level, helping them to understand the foundation blocks of business in the real world to navigate their academic goals successfully. Her engaging teaching style, coupled with real-world examples and case studies, inspires her students to think creatively, identify opportunities, and navigate business management challenges.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Irene is a Qualified Pickleball Coach: first in Herts, Beds & Bucks, and the first UK-certified Junior Pickleball coach listed on Pickleball England. Irene not only coaches Pickleball but also competes internationally. Irene is also an advanced Scuba Diver passionate about studying and protecting marine life.


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