There are three types of studying available at University. The two most common are online and campus learning, however, blended studying has become popular amongst many universities as it is a combination between the two. It is important for students to figure out what type of learning is ideal for them. Listed below is a guide of the different types of learning (online, campus and blended) so students can find what is best for them.

Online Studying

Online study consists of students only using online tools to learn. For instance, lectures, assessments and reading materials will all be online, so pushing the responsibility of learning to the students as they must build communication between teachers. Essentially, this type of learning is suitable for students who work full time or don’t have time to study on campus. As a result of education being online the cost of study will be reduced as there is no need for accommodation costs and travel expenses. An example of a University based solely online is The Open University UK. 

Campus Studying

Campus studying is a traditional method of learning, it consists of a hands-on interactive experience as students are required to go on campus for lessons. Students will be attending face-to-face lectures, seminars or tutorials to gain an interactive experience. Students will also have full access to resources on campus (Library, Reception/Student Union, Cafes). Although campus studying requires increased costs such as travel expenses and potential accommodation costs, students are likely to meet more friends and experience an advanced level of peer support. 

Blended Learning

Blended learning is a combination of both online and campus learning. It has become increasingly popular as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic as many Universities are practicing this method of learning. Students have the benefit of accessing essential resources i.e. library books and studying online within their own time. Additionally, this type of learning is beneficial to students as they can learn independence through self-discipline. Furthermore, the cost of studying will be reduced as student attendance is not essential every day. 

Online, Campus and Blended studying are all available at the London School of Business. Through reading this blog and understanding the difference, it is important for students to choose what is suitable for them. Additionally, not all University courses offer blended learning, so read the description thoroughly. 

Good luck applying and enjoy your university experience!

Author: Jenise Chisholm