Women in Leadership

Beyond Limits, Beyond Boundaries: Empowering Women to Lead Boldly

Welcome to the Women in Leadership Program at the London School of Business, your pathway to unlocking boundless leadership potential and driving transformative change in the corporate world. This exclusive program is designed for exceptional female leaders who have already achieved significant milestones in their careers and are ready to take their place at the top.

Why Women in Leadership?

At the London School of Business, we recognize the untapped potential of women leaders in the business landscape. The Women in Leadership Program aims to bridge the gender gap in leadership roles by providing accomplished women with the necessary tools, knowledge, and network to break through barriers and ascend to the highest echelons of their organizations.

Programme Structure

Reflect on how you have led in the past and acknowledge your abilities as a leader.

Learn how to read and diagnose context and react appropriately.

Understand cultural dimensions in order to negotiate effectively.

Recognise how to use your unique strengths to persuade and influence.

Gain an appreciation for self-development as a lifelong activity.

Create a personal development plan for your future as a leader.

Programme Highlights

1   Empowering Leadership Identity

• Embrace your unique leadership style and strengths
• Navigate challenges by understanding and accepting yourself as a leader
• Cultivate confidence and resilience to excel in diverse leadership scenarios

2   Contextual Leadership Mastery

• Gain insights into the dynamics of your organizational and industry context
• Strategically position yourself within your professional environment
• Develop an acute awareness of trends and challenges impacting your leadership journey

3   Negotiating as a Power Practice

• Hone negotiation skills as a key leadership practice
• Learn effective strategies to navigate professional challenges
• Develop the art of persuasive negotiation to achieve leadership goals

4  Influential Leadership Development

• Cultivate a powerful leadership presence and influence
• Master the art of inspiring and motivating others
• Enhance your ability to drive positive change within your organization

5  Strategic Leadership Evolution:

• Identify opportunities for personal and professional growth
• Craft a vision for your leadership trajectory
• Strategize for continuous development and success at the highest levels

On completion of this programme, you’ll be empowered to

  • Create a personal development plan so that you may move into the future with confidence as a leader

  • Critically examine your own identity as a leader and recognise your leadership potential

  • Understand how to respond to culture and gender assumptions

  • Take ownership of your career and learn to leverage your strengths and identify limiting behaviours

  • Evaluate a range of methods and resources for developing and transitioning as a leader

  • Join a global network of current and aspiring female leaders who are preparing to broaden their impact and influence

  • Guidance from leading industry experts and Oxford Saïd faculty, and access to the official Oxford Executive Education Alumni group on LinkedIn

This program is for Women Leaders Ready to Redefine Leadership Norms

  • Unleash Unparalleled Leadership Potential:

    • Break through barriers and ascend to the highest levels of leadership
    • Harness a network of like-minded and supportive female leaders
    • Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to drive transformative change

  • Shape the Future of Leadership:

    • Contribute to bridging the gender gap in leadership roles
    • Embrace your role as a catalyst for positive organizational change
    • Join a community committed to empowering women leaders in the corporate world

  • Lead Fearlessly at the Pinnacle:

    • Navigate complexities with confidence and resilience
    • Influence and inspire others with a powerful leadership presence
    • Define and shape your unique leadership legacy

Join Us

Start Date
October 2024
Study Mode
Woman in Leadership
Learning Time
4 weeks
Start Date
Study Mode
Woman in Leadership
Learning Time
3 Months

The LSB Experience

Expert Trainers

Passionate specialists who keep up to date with the latest trends in their field.

Quality Delivery

Trainers have assessed annually on the quality of their delivery and delegate engagement.

Practical Training

Theory and practical based training to take back to the office which leads you more.

Small Class Sizes

No more than 25 people to ensure you get the most from our trainers.

Join the League of Extraordinary Leaders

As a participant in the Women in Leadership Program, you will be part of a distinguished group of women ready to lead with impact and drive meaningful change. Together, we will pave the way for future generations of female leaders, creating a more inclusive and equitable business landscape.

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Unlock your leadership potential and propel your career to new heights.
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