Luxury Brand Management

Luxury Brand Management

How do luxury fashion brands stand out from the crowd and successfully communicate what they stand for? Learn the basics of luxury brand management and its works in the fashion industry. This introductory online programme will equip you with the fundamental knowledge and understanding you will need if you aspire to work within the luxury industry.

This programme is ideal for anyone working or who wants to work in luxury fashion management and wants to develop their practical understanding of the luxury brand world.

Programme Structure

The world of luxury is changing beyond recognition, and it’s harder for brands to remain relevant today. This module will allow learners to understand the history of the luxury industry in the past 30 years. Learners will explore the current contemporary perspectives within the luxury world and analyse the first frameworks that regulate the luxury industry.

This model will be discussing the history of certain brands and exploring certain business models that regulate them. Learners will understand how luxury brands have been built throughout the years not only historically but also from a business perspective diving into relevant business models.

The luxury identity corresponds with the intra-company self-perception of a brand, which determines precisely how the brand should appear to external target groups. This models emphasis the importance and relevance of luxury identity to a brand.

By understanding how buyers think, feel and decide, businesses can determine how best to market their products and services. This module will give you an understanding of the fundamental decision making processes and the Geographical and sociological factors that influence these processes, specifically for the luxury clientele.

Any organisation needs to understand how business is done in their industry, how products are sold and delivered, and what other suppliers offer discounts and credit arrangements. In this module, learners will understand the luxury industry’s scale and size.

The concept of rarity has traditionally been associated with the idea of luxury. However, while scarcity is still an essential factor in determining the value of a luxury brand, terms such as “exclusivity” or “space” are now powerfully resounding within customers’ minds as alternative descriptors. In this module, grouping students will study the historical evolution of the luxury industry and explore macro trends that structure the different international markets.

The idea of luxury products as uncommon and finely created, often one-of-a-kind objects produced via artistic endeavour is intimately linked to the concept of creativity.
Luxury brands that cater to affluent clients differentiate their products and charge greater prices as a result. In developed and highly competitive marketplaces, a strong positive brand is critical.

The world of luxury is changing beyond recognition, and it’s harder for brands to remain relevant today, which reinforces the importance of brand positioning. Luxury is all about meaning: the very essence of luxury is based on the inflation of its symbolic value over the functional significance of its goods and services. This module will be cover the positioning process through communication for luxury brands by specialists of the sectors who will guide the students through their discovery process.

With the scarcity factor and the placement factor – from the retail experience to the contact points with which it identifies itself – luxury companies must maintain a certain level of exclusivity and stature as luxury customers adapt. Luxury marketers can use the marketing mix of a luxury brand to create a holistic framework. A realistic approach must be emphasised because the environment and problems will vary.

Learning Outcomes of Luxury Brand Management 

  • Developed an insight and understanding of the luxury brand world

  • Learnt to identify luxury target customers and their needs

  • Developed an understanding of how to build target customer profiles

  • Gained a good understanding of brand positioning and its impact on luxury brands

  • Learnt various methods to communicate luxury brand values

  • Received insider tips on how the luxury industry is changing

  • A critical understanding of the theory and practice of luxury brand marketing

  • The ever-changing luxury environment within which luxury brands operate.

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Start Date
24th October 2022
Study Mode
Luxury Brand Management
Learning Time
4 Weeks
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Study Mode
Luxury Brand Management
Learning Time
3 Months

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