Just like customer/client retention is critical for a business, on the same note, retaining top talent accounts for significant importance as well. Keeping staff motivated, and making them feel like a requisite for the organisation is crucial for the success of the firm. There is a lot at stake when it comes to retaining pure talent, and how it translates into imparting unparalleled advantage to the organisation, in terms of unmatched efficiency and maintain the faith of reliance amongst clientele.

A large part of the basic KRA of business leaders involved, keeping employees engaged and making the business thrive using their zeal to perform. However, how do they do this?

We have some top executives spill the beans on how they extract the best out of their employees and expose their hidden talents.

Freedom is Key

Giving employees the autonomy to resolve challenges on their own, when they appear in real-time will surely prove to be beneficial for their self-confidence, will undoubtedly be an excellent avenue for them to educate themselves. Not only the employees are sometimes better to designated to deal with the issues related to their job role, but it also helps them to develop their skill set too. It doesn’t only boost engagement but also takes employee morale to a whole new level.

According to David Mesa, CDO at PJ’s Coffee, “A leader should be comfortable with the idea of letting loose the employee, and let him take charge of his issue. It will provide a great opportunity for the employee to learn from mistakes and even greater opportunity for the leader in assessing their problem-solving skills.”

Creation of innovative teams

Any employer worth their salt will openly appreciate the need for innovation, and its importance is propelling the team to unparalleled success. For that to take place, employees need to be kept in a thought stimulating environment, and it is significant for them to experience happiness in their work. It will not only have a positive impact on their efficiency. However, it will provide the much-needed push to their creative behaviour.

As per Shelly Sun, CEO and Founder of Bright Star Care, jumbling up team members and creating unique groups that are collectively striving to develop creative ideas for a known issue, is a recipe for increased engagement.