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 IELTS Preparation

Programme Overview

IELTS is the International English Testing System. This is an examination which is done all over the world and is trusted in more than 10,000 organisations globally. It is a recognised qualification that is reputable amongst educational institutions, employers, governments and any professional environments nationally and internationally. This is one of the most popular courses we have and it gets filled rapidly. IELTS measures the ability of those who want to study or work within an English speaking environment or country. It is graded with a nine-band scale to categorise the levels of linguistic proficiency. The highest band is nine and the lowest is one, nine being an expert and one being a non- speaker.

The two test versions of IELTS are:

  • Academic IELTS- For those who want to apply and progress within their higher educational needs or start their journey within a professional environment.
  • General IELTS- For those whose first language is not English and they need to understand the basics of the language itself.

Both IELTS Academic and General Training offer an effective and accurate assessment of four highly important language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Why should I choose this course?

Key features

  •  Affordable and a reasonable price for London
  • Delivered by qualified professionals
  • One-to-one teaching results in concentrated and effective learning
  • Acquire a recognised qualification which is renowned all over the world
  •  Improve all areas of English: Comprehension in reading and written grammar; speak more fluently and precisely and also increase your vocabulary range within written/ spoken English
  •  IELTS qualifications are recognised by thousands of employers, academics and government institutions in countries all over the world, including: UK, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand
  •  In addition to achieving the best possible results you will be able to gain access to UK universities
  • If you want to live, work or study in an English speaking country then the IELTS qualification can help you achieve your objective

Key Facts

Hours per week
15 Hours

2 to 24 weeks

£170 per week

Payment Plan

Minimum Age

Start Date
11th of May

Students in class
Average 15 students

Entry Requirements

Before starting, your level of English should be B1 at a minimum.

Please note the minimum age for students wishing to join this course is 16 years old.

As part of your application, you are required to submit the following supporting documents:

  • Passport/ID

  • Application Form

I love my course and my teachers. London School of Business has a friendly atmosphere, professional teaching and very high standards.

France, IELTS

Are You Ready For Foundation?

A Foundation programme will provide you with the specific set of Business skills and knowledge necessary for university admission.

accounting and business


Tuition fees cover the cost of a student’s academic studies. This usually includes teaching costs, registration and examination fees (not repeat or tailing modules, re-sit fees or coursework resubmission). Any costs associated with work placements will be the students responsibility.

2 - 4 Weeks


6 - 12 Weeks


14 - 22 Weeks


Class Timings

15 hours per week:

Session 1: 9:00 – 12:30
Session 2: 12:30 – 15:30
Session 3: 15:30 – 18:30

Your class may be in the morning or the afternoon depending on your level. You will be given your course timetable on your first day of classes.

IELTS Preparation classes starts every 3 weeks on a Monday (except public holidays and over the LSB holiday periods) on the following days:

6th January 20th January 3rd February 17th February 2nd March 30th March 13th April 27th April 11th May 25th May 8th June 22nd June 6th July 20th July 3rd August 17 th August 7th  September 21st September 5th October 19th October 2nd November 16th November 30th November 14th December

The LSB holiday are on 21st December 2020 to 3rd january 2021.

Public holidays are as follows:

1st January 10th April 23rd April 8th May 25th May 31st August 25th December 26th December


The 21st century has created the need for speaking as many foreign languages as possible, due to the great mobility that people have, in an age of global commerce. There are a number of institutions that support businesses, governments and individuals in developing the English language skills required by employers, providing the opportunity to take an exam and have a degree that is acknowledged world-wide.


Jobs directly related to Business English:

  • Digital copywriter

  • Editorial assistant

  • English as a foreign language teacher

  • Magazine journalist

  • Newspaper journalist

  • Publishing copy-editor/proofreader

  • Secondary school teacher

  • Web content manager

  • Writer

  • Purchasing manager

Learning Outcomes

  • Learning English to a professional level that will help you recieve an internationally recognised certification.

  • IELTS qualification can help you with: migration; improve your chances of furthering your education in English speaking countries and job prospects.

  • Gives you a clear indication of what level each of the key skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing) are at.

  • One-to-one speaking and listening will help improve your english comprehension at a faster rate.

Further Study

Some roles will require further study, whether it’s to gain membership to a professional body, further your knowledge in a certain area of business, or even branch out into a totally different field.

Popular professional bodies include:

  • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

  • Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

  • Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)


Yes, students can open a bank account, all that is needed is documentation.

  • Current passport.
  • Valid visa (for those from outside the European Union)
  • Home bankstatement from the past three months.
  • Proof of address in the UKor abroad (check with your bank)
  • StudentID or acceptance letter from your university.

You must inform us immediately so that we can update your details. For example your address may have changed and this is important we know so that when we send certificates, it goes to the right address.

London School of Business will always be able to help you and if you email us we aim to get back to you within 48hrs or feel free to call us on +44 (0)20 3305 8124.

Please inform us as soon as possible as this may cause a delay in your application by the time you start. There are many applications and checks to be made which takes time. Therefore, we recommend doing this before you start at LSB so that everything is ready when you start.

Once registered at LSB, we can direct you to job fairs. Job fairs are also known as a career fair that employees or recruiters inform you of potential jobs. LSB will also help you get signed on job boards such as Indeed and Reed for more possible jobs.

If you reach out to us, we will be able to arrange another phone call to discuss what grades are acceptable. If we believe you don’t have enough credits to get into LSB, there are many alternatives so don’t panic.

There are open day’s available for students who wish to get a tour around the school. London School of Business holds more than one open day so that every student has an opportunity to attend.

We can always help and inform you what is needed. We can provide a list of available accommodation.


Visit Us

If you are interested in applying we encourage you to visit the School and meet with our recruitment and admissions staff. This is neither a requirement nor expectation if you are planning on applying to the programme.

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How to Apply

Enrolling at London School of Business will help you study in a diverse mix of cultures, providing an opportunity to socialise and make friends from nations across the globe. Apply now, and one of our Admission Advisors will be in touch to support you through the process.

You can use the following link to apply for the programme: https://www.lsbuk.com/apply/

  • Personal details

  • Family information

  • Extracurricular activities

  • Global interests and experiences

There is no application fee.

  • Proof of your academic achievements, including official school transcripts

  • Evidence of English proficiency, i.e: TOEFL/IELTS/ Functional Skills Level 2 (if English is not your native language)

  • GMAT/SAT/ACT scores (optional)

  • One academic reference

  • A Personal Statement as an essay (400–500 words)

  • Scholarship and financial aid application included with the application form

In order to assess your eligibility for the programme, we will review your profile and your expectations from your career. This will be done via an in-person, telephonic or video conversation. In addition, we will mark your English proficiency for the course as well, and advise on further actions to be taken on your part.

Once your application and personal assessment interview are completed, you will receive an admission decision within two weeks. If you have any questions regarding the status of your application, feel free to contact your Admission Advisor.

If you are accepted into the program and have decided to start your studies at London School of Business, you must confirm your place prior to confirmation deadline.

Once we confirm your student status with us, we will be sending out useful information regarding your pre-arrival, and pre-enrolment.  Not only that, we will work alongside to make sure you have a seamless arrival in the UK.

Need Help Choosing A Programme?

Choosing the right programme is an important part of your future success. Our dedicated student counsellors are happy to assist you in choosing the right programme that best suits your professional goals. Please contact us on +44 (0)20 3305 8124 or send us an email to english@lsbuk.com to discuss your requirements and obtain an application form.

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