Big Music Industry of the UK in 2022

According to research, the return of Glastonbury Festival and appearances by celebrities like Harry Styles, Sir Elton John, and Dua Lipa gave the UK music business a fighting chance in 2022. And music industry contributed £6.6 billion to England in 2022 and drew over 14 million domestic and foreign visitors to live musical performances.

The organisation of UK Music, which represents the interests of the production side of the UK’s commercial music industry, produced the report, titled “Here, There, and Everywhere”. In 2022, it measured that 1.1 million overseas visitors came to the UK to see live music performances. Furthermore, the report found that 30.6 million audiences in total went to concerts in 2022, which involved everything from outdoor concerts to stadium events.

How Harry Styles, Elton John, and Glastonbury boosted UK music tourism – but expert has word of warning – Sky News