The ideal hustle of “job search” is undoubtedly the most stressful phase for any student. The horror of waking up to numerous rejections and being ghosted by the hope of feedback makes it harder for any student to stay motivated whilst applying for jobs. 

The real challenge of finding a job has become more difficult – having the disruptions one has to face with the pandemic. The job market has questioned the possibility of the hiring process, making it worse for the recent graduates to capture a job opportunity. However, here are few tips that could help the graduates stay motivated during this tough time: 

  1. Remember it’s temporary: It is important to remind yourself that this is just a temporary, and the job market will take its course and offer more job opportunities with time. Ensure you are not constantly pressuring yourself over the burden of finding a job. Try to take frequent breaks and give yourself some time to adapt to the change. Don’t lose hope! 
  2. Develop your skills: There are various courses offered online by renowned institutions and websites. This is your chance to enhance your skills and add more to your resume. Learn more about what kind of role you’d want to do and study. Grab more skills to have an upper hand against other applicants. 
  3. The right fit: Make sure you study the role and companies in the area of your interest. Companies might not always advertise but it’s always better to keep looking out. It is important to know what’s the right fit for you. Perhaps you can familiarise yourself with the graduate labour market news. 
  4. Networking: It is extremely vital to increase your network. Connect with people and gain more insights of either the kind of job you are interested in or even the market. Networking can help one earn various opportunities while looking for a job. LinkedIn is the best way to get the right kind of network. 
  5. Build your CV & Profile: A perfect resume does not exist. However, it is essential for one to continuously edit and enhance their CV – ensuring they add relevant experiences and qualifications. This can really change the game! 

Amidst a pandemic, it’s normal to feel as if your world is crashing down – especially when it comes to unemployment. The biggest advice that is needed at this point is to not lose hope. It’s a matter of time and it’ll surely change. 

Keep going!


-Vivek Ramachandran